Disclaimer: Please use this at your own risk as I do not take warranty in this script. I have verified that every function is working as expected when building this, but still want to make this disclaimer.

This script is one that I have put a ton of work in over the past 5 months. It is designed to be a utility that will assist you on your migration to Microsoft Teams. It has features to export dial plans and trunk translation rules from Skype for Business Server, the ability to import these rules into dial plans/teams, and many more! Please note: This is in beta and your feedback is much appreciated. Please run with caution!

BONUS FEATURE! – No Dial Plan Normalization Rule Limits!!!

Fun Fact: this was the original function and need of this script. All of the other modules were added after that during development since March 10, 2021 🙂

This script has the ability to bypass Microsoft’s 50 normalization rule limit on Teams Dial Plans, but be aware, there is a tenant container character maximum so use this sparingly. There also is question of supportability that comes up. Microsoft can only support 50 rules in a dial plan so don’t expect support if you use more than 50 rules. I have validated 350 rules in one dial plan in a tenant with 100% success. See the screenshot below:


  • You will need to allow unsigned scripts with the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  • The Script will make sure that it is running as an admin
  • The Script will make sure it is running in a console and not the ISE
  • The Script will make sure that it has the Teams PowerShell Module or attempt to install it
  • The Script will make sure you have the Skype for Business PS Module for SFB related modes


  • None at this time

Features for Future Releases

  • The ability to migrate items back from Teams to Skype for Business Server
  • Writing to Log Files
  • Export of Voice Routes


Link to the GitHub Repo – https://github.com/EricMarsi/TeamsDRConfigMGMTUtil/releases

Version History

  • Version 2203.1_BETA – Release Date: 3/10/2022
    • Fixed Bug with SFB Dial Plan Export not being specific to its name – Thanks James Arber!
  • Version 2108.1_BETA – Release Date: 8/19/2021
    • First Release of the Script