Many issues can arise during any migration. The goal of this guide is to have a continually expanding thread of known issues and fixes for issues that arise during a new Microsoft Teams deployment, or a migration from Skype for Business Server. Feel free to comment any issues that you may have and I will post any attempts I have to fix those issues.

Issues & fixes included in this KB :

  • Issue 1 – No Dial Pad in the Teams Client
  • More Coming Soon!

Issue 1 – No Dial Pad in the Teams Client for Direct Routing Users

This is by far the most common issue that I and many others run into. You get done either setting up a new customer with or migrating a customer to Teams with Direct Routing and when a user signs in, they have no dial pad in the Teams Client. This is one of those very frustrating issues and is one of the downfalls of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s own support staff have a 48 hour SLA on this to just show how many provisioning issues they receive. The weird thing is that this only affects the desktop clients and not mobile/Teams Phones. Those devices can make and receive calls while the desktop client cannot.

Not to worry though! After a lot of work, I am pleased to announce that I am releasing my first public PowerShell script that allows you to verify that your user’s configuration is correct and alert you on what may not be correct. If everything in terms of user configuration is correct, you can have it attempt to force user provisioning again. The script will then loop on itself and check if you want to run it against any other users.

To get the script and/or learn more about it, CLICK HERE

More Coming Soon!